Wednesday 30 January 2013

How To: Maya freezes at 98% - Fixes

I had a major issue with Maya last week where it would try to load my scene file but freeze at 98% and never actually open. My scene file was referencing multiple other files, 2 characters and 1 set. I save iteratively, as I know that is good practice, so I checked the previous saved file and I had the same issue there too. In fact the previous 10 saves were all like this and after lots of investigation I found the files to be corrupt. I did a lot of Google-ing and noticed lots of people had had the same issue but struggled to find any resolutions, however I did manage to recover my whole file and all animation in the end but it took me a whole day to figure it all out so thought I would share my findings and how to fix the issue to help someone else who may run into this.