Sunday 18 August 2013

Class 1: Weeks 5 and 6 - Pendulum Tips

Scott Lemmer showed some great tips in the Q&A for offsetting the keys, playing with the tangent handles etc to give you the successive breaking of joints required to show overlap, drag, and weight, but there are also a great set of videos from Keith Lango about on the Pendulum which you may find useful:

Also here is the wave principle from Preston Blair's book Cartoon Animation page 142 that Scott was talking about:

Pendulum Rig - How to only have curve objects selectable:

As Scott mentioned in the Q&A you don't want to move the geometry on the pendulum rig, so the easiest way to only have the curves selectable is to go to the object selection mask on the top shelf (the one with the blue plus, blue backward S etc) and turn them all off, then only have the blue backward S turned on, this should then only allow you to select the curves on the rig.